Project vision:

Train River is a collective of bluegrass musicians in the Portland, OR area led by guitarist/mandolinist Jeffree White, who now lives in Washougal, WA. The repertoire includes many traditional bluegrass numbers and fiddle tunes, along with more modern additions which have become standards -- tunes by Old & In the Way, David Grisman, and Phish -- and some nonbluegrass surprises thrown in for fun and variety. Jeffree, like many other new bluegrass fans, discovered the music through the Grateful Dead and offshoot bands, and contemporary jamgrass bands.

Jeffree brings his advanced picking skills, playful vibe, and love of learning and teaching music to the project. You can learnmore about Jeffree from his website at See also Jeffree's gypsy jazz project called the Hot Club of Hawthorne -- and look for Jeffree's rock projects as well!

Train River is always looking for talent, so if you are looking to play, please get in touch!

Venues at which Train River has performed:

  • Hornings Hideout main stage, private wedding
  • Portland'5 (formerly PCPA) Noontime Showcase outside the Schnitz Concert Hall -- 2 years
  • City of Portland's Foster Floodplains promotional event -- 2 years
  • Johnson Creek Watershed Council celebration at Reed College's Kaul Auditorium
  • Montavilla St. Fair
  • Portland Saturday Market
  • Lompoc Brewery
  • Portland Hostel on Hawthorne's annual BBQ
  • Biddy McGraw's -- monthly for over a year
  • Laurelthirst Public House
  • Girasole Pizza
  • EastBurn
  • Mississippi Pizza
  • Jade Lounge
  • the Blue Room
  • the White Eagle
  • Alberta Beer Porch
  • private parties

Personnel who have performed with Train River:

  • Jeffree White
  • Ray Mann
  • Bernardo Gomez
  • Bob Jefferies
  • Flauren Ricketts
  • Ben Larsen
  • Zach Lovas
  • Tommy Houston
  • Michael Berly
  • Greg Allison
  • Julie Larson
  • Matt Franzen
  • Rich Landar
  • David Gerow
  • Jonathan Norling
  • Scott Neidig
  • Micah Babinski
  • Kevin Eastes
  • Matt Takiff
  • Daniel Nickerson
  • Max Skewes
  • Stephen Eggers
  • Natalia K. Burgess
  • Pete Burak
  • Jason Reichert
  • Carey Rogers
  • John Coyle
  • Todd Walker
  • Harrison Olk
  • Dylan DiSalvio
  • Olivia Duffy
  • Max Brinster
  • Dave Elliot
  • Chris Marshall
  • Don Tolan
  • Ben Blechman
  • David Hopkins
  • Oceana Wills
  • Julian Root
  • Josh Cole
  • Lawrence Ullman
  • Austin Quattlebaum
  • Drew Norman
  • David Knaus
  • Dylan-Thomas Vance
  • Marilee Hord
  • Dan Haley
  • Matt Voth
  • Nicholas Humenay-Klaver
  • Rob Rainwater
  • Steve Varner
  • Lucas Biespiel
  • and some we're forgetting, we're sure!

Tune list so far:




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